Saturday, January 10, 2015


                       Intuitive Design.....♥.

Thank you for stopping by my Sacred Bracelets blog! I am so excited to share my design process with you! I am Jenny Sieck an intuitive jewelry designer who is passionate about designing wearable art that speaks to the soul!
Sacred Bracelets Intuitive Jewelry designs are first intuited based on your joy & energy for the piece! I can do this by giving a reading & using that as the story for your piece. Or you can share with me the elements & images most that inspire you! I will listen to my guides & intuition as I design your Bracelet!   
Next Sacred Bracelet's enchanting coils are created. This is done by wrapping semi-precious stones,recycled findings, silver, brass, copper and/or spectrumed rainbow colored wirework. Your bracelet can depict a sacred place, dream scene, animal totems, chakra colors or all of these.
Sacred Bracelets will attune you to your own inspiration & inspire your sacred work in the world! Although Sacred Bracelets are intuited by me: they are inspired by you! It is my hope that by noticing the images & colors that most speak to your soul you will more readily honor the way they speak their essence & divinity into your life! Thanks so much for your interest, support, ideas, & energy. -Jenny