Friday, March 4, 2011

Sacred Sites designs

Thanks for stopping by & letting me share Sacred Bracelets Intuitive Designs with you! Some of my very favorite designs to create are the Sacred Sites line! In these pieces the design will mirror the picture or place for you! This helps you carry that magical energy expressed in the picture to work with in your life! This is a great way to prepare for a trip you've always wanted to take or renew the energy of that trip of a lifetime!It is also a great way to work with the evocative energy that a potent symbol calls forth! 
This one is called "Spirit landing" it is to work with the energy of the flowering Self. The verdant life-giving green represents the heart chakra which surrounds the butterfly as it opens & births a more open & joyful self! The orange flower represents the awakened & aware source the butterfly draws it's life from. And the black white & blue butterfly express qualities of clearing energy, purifying the soul, & expressing the inner voice clearly & openly!   
Now you get the idea! So what image tugs at your soul & helps you imagine that your magical life is here & now? Please feel free to share it below! And of course if I can create it forward, it'd be my joy!   

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  1. Once you have finished adding your beads you can attach the (findings) clasps. You'll slide on a crimp bead first, then a jump ring.