Wednesday, September 21, 2011

of mantras & malas...following the call...

A bit back an inner voice intuitive client asked me to design a bracelet for her birthday..a beautiful sunrise motif in tawny goldens, oranges, & whites laced with amethyst & pearl came through my hands & the wire wove faster then my hands could easily travel. This client had been on a wonderful soul opening trip to India & asked that I encorporate the energies she felt while there into a piece to hold them close to her heart. This creation was surprisingly accompanied by a song of affirmation---a mantra for the client to use. The song went like this: The heart inside, the sun inside it grows it grows the heart inside,  The sun inside the souls sweet ride it grows the heart inside it grows the heart  inside...
It came through as what I call a zipper song so the words heart & sun were interchangeable in each verse spirit told me. I admit when the words & melody came I felt a bit strange singing them again & again for this dear lady. However the mantra wanted to be birthed so I sang, while setting the intention of birthing a sunrise into the heart & into her design. I listened to my inner voice & presented the design & song for her to use soon after. Not a week or so went by & one of my first & most supportive early clients asked if I could design a mala for her husbands birthday. I heard myself echlo a resolute no & then remembered my recent promise to say yes. I believe this is the universes way of strenthening our tool box--saying yes to what spirit has brought into out awareness. I told her it was a cautious yes & I'd try my best & get back with her. I designed her a traditional mala with 108 beads with a resting bead in 3 places. It was jet & howlite, black & white & represented the 3 phases of the moon & the little dipper. I called it 3 moons mala & finished it off with ice blue wirewrapping in SB'S customary signature. Little did I know the universe had set a course for Sacred Bracelets in which all I'd have to do was nod & listen closely & birth with my fingers the designs in their heart's.
Within a few weeks I recieved a call from another intuitive coaching client who loved my work but didn't really wear jewelry. She asked had I heard of a mala & would I consider making her one to work with her unique energies. A mala is a 108 bead design that people pray with while holding each bead & setting intention & opening their heart. If I had said no to the song that presented itself while designing The sun inside design I would not have understood the opportunity I was being given. I would not have done what Joseph Cambell refers to as accepting the call or following your bliss. from a place of spirit. This requires a deeper intuitive listening or what Yalom calls listening with the 3rd ear. This type of intuitive listening means you must set aside your own definition of self & step instead into the great unknown-the I am of the universes journey for you.... Enjoy the malas! They are from my heart to yours...
 Sacred Bracelets


  1. Love your stuff, Jenny and so resonate with your expression. <3 Kanta

  2. LOVELY! Want them all, but must learn to share ...

  3. Jenny's bracelets are absolutely amazing. She is a creative inspiration! You can choose what she has in stock or have her create one custom just for you!!!!! She's a wonderful person to know AND to work with .......for I have had the pleasure of both!

  4. Aww. thanks everybody! I feel the love!